MarXemi is a Port Harcourt based Nigerian Hip Hop rapper and singer formerly known as New Eminence, a prolific wordsmith and lyricist. During his childhood, being the son of a Christian Preacher who was also a musician and a guitarist gave him several opportunities and privileges that saw him playing Piano, Bass guitar and doing cover performances in church services, rallies and concerts as an RnB and Pop Gospel singer. His shift to Hip Hop and Rap was induced by new company he made in summer 2009 during his later years in senior secondary school where he got engaged in several rap battles and freestyle sessions with friends and other colleagues. Over time he has been greatly influenced by different rappers and singers like Trip Lee, Eminem, MI Abaga, R Kelly and several others. While in University of Nigeria, Nsukka studying for a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Technology Education, he was forced to release a cover for Trip Lee's "Rise" in 2014, after he found new love for music, fame and exposure due to his involvement in the making of a dance video for The Ronical Dancers, this wasn't so much of a success as it ended up completely amaturish and had very little promotion, but made enough waves to earn him a bigger fan base and followership. If you are just getting along, you should expect to hear music from marXemi sounding somewhere between subtle Blues to some Rap acrobatics, but don't get too excited when you hear a blend Afro Pop and RnB , it's just a matter of time and what brings inspiration to the mind. In May 2017, marXemi Released his debute single "Deific", which got a lot of positive feedbacks in Port Harcourt, it was a first major success that had motivated him to work even harder, making and improving his sounds with every passing day. On the 11th of August 2018, marXemi released his Debute EP "Grateful", his very first, a successful production that is available for free download and also available for purchase in all major online stores. As a web developer and music producer marXemi spends nearly 17 Hours of Every day in front of his computer, making new beats, witting songs and preparing for more impressive future releases, finding collaborations, and growing his online presence. 


As to many people, music is life, to him, music seams to represent the very cause of existence. He also spend a lot of time writing and debugging codes for his music sharing social network,, and other websites for his clients, Nigerians are actually not lazy. marXemi is the founder and C.E.O of Newnify Music Limited, the company that runs the Newnify Music Record Label and music sharing social networking website. 

In 2018 marXemi released his debut album as an EP, which turned out to be a major success as it made it to Soundclick Top 200 Hip Hop Chart, in Grateful, marXemi explores several themes, in such a way that give's room to listeners to quickly make out that his lyrics convey hidden messages, from society to religion, through love, emotions and even goes far enough to exlore what happens in the millitary and the Uccult, the first track, Grateful has a message to look for.

  • Location: Port Harcourt
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