Tee Jewel

proud to introduce R&B/Afro Beats singer Tee Jewel (Tayo Joel Akintimehin). A talented singer-songwriter and self-taught producer, composer, and musician adept at piano and guitar, Tee Jewel fuses urban Nigerian beats and R&B melodies to deliver emotionally resonant songs about love, romance, and overcoming the challenges of the hustle. A late bloomer and self-professed former geek born into an artistic family—his mother was a graphic artist and his father a musician—who exposed him to a variety of music genres ranging from rock, R&B, and jazz to country-western, Tee Jewel is the guy you don’t see coming; his musical and theatre background have helped him create a multilayered persona that translates to a captivating story-telling style in his music. A refreshing game-changer entering the Nigerian music industry, Tee Jewel is an emerging star to keep an eye on. Keep an ear out too for his songs

  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria.