Opeyemi Emmanuel

Opeyemi Emmanuel is one of Africa's 30 under 30 CEO. He is a software engineer with over 8 years experience in business and administration. He is the CEO of ITSkillsCenter, a software development company that has built software applications for companies like Emerald Energies Ltd, Cobranet Nigeria, Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc, Alien Technologies, to mention a few. He is also the founder of ITSkillsCenter, one of Africa's fastest growing software development company and eeHubNigeria, an empowerment hub helping young Africans unleash their potentials. He also established eeSPACE, one of the fastest growing coworking space in Lagos Nigeria, where young entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Opeyemi graduated as one of the best graduating student from the department of Computer Science, University of Benin. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus in Europe. Opeyemi is an author, artist and a software engineer. Being a software engineer by training, he has worked with companies like Gaisaio in Singapore, International Management Training Consortium in South Africa.

Opeyemi believes he was born to raise 400,000 business leaders by theyear 2040 through different platforms he will build. Opeyemi trains regularly on leadership and business in various organizations. He is passionate about teenagers, helping them discover their gifts, unleash their potentials and launch their God-given their ideas.

  • Location: Lagos
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