Luke Abraham MORAH  born Olayinka Olukayode to the family of Morakinyo in Lagos, Nigeria in the 80s hails from Ibadan, Oyo state of Nigeria. 
 MORAH started his music career in the church as a teenager. He was popularly known for his high profile vocal ability, a drummer and bass guitarist. Morah was an active member of GCL  Eric Moore cricket team in his days at the college. He is B.Tech graduate in Agriculture from FUTA.
  During his NYSC days at Umunya camp, Anambra State, Nigeria, MORAH was the camp praise leader/vocalist. He was also a major Snare-drummer for the NYSC band team of 2013/2014. His proactive gift in music and lyrics writing, propelled MORAH to competed  the STAR QUEST 2nd edition 2006 and to litmus test himself in the bigger musical stage, MORAH came up with his first hit single Strike Action ( )  which featured Spikey. A hit he recorded for himself as a birthday gift on June 1st, 2018 and was released later same month. The single was one of his numerous songs collections he tagged "Birthday Series". MORAH further released a second hit single  "ACCREDIT"  later that same year ( ).This singular track posed a strong hold in the music industry for 2018/2019 hitting Nigerian politics hard and reaching a wider audience across America, Europe and Asia through the help of his foreign fans mostly.
On January, 5, 2019 MORAH released yet another hurricane-like hit single "YARA" ( ) to caution cougars and sugar daddies. A little health challenged stalled MORAH from doing  much as planned in 2019. Due to his resilience, In December 2019 however, MORAH released his first Afro-pop hit of all time.... MOLADE ( ) made  official on the 5th of January, 2020.
His fans calls him the #rhymegod, some music guru tag him *lion* while many fans across America name tag him *GOAT*. MORAH is the name, LM-² is the brand.

Instagram @lukemorah ,Twitter @LukeMorah

  • Location: Lagos
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