Mofya is a British-Zambian singer, songwriter and music producer living in California. He creates a unique blend of soulful RnB, which combines a modern sound with deep links to the classics and to the African roots of RnB and soul music.


His passion for lyrics that are powerful and beautiful and speak directly to the human condition makes him stand out among artists who are just trying to make “hits”.


Mofya was born and raised in Zambia, where he taught himself guitar and keyboards, learning to play songs by ear whether they were on the radio or part of his church band repertoire. His early musical influences include Bob Marley and his powerful acoustic reggae, Tracy Chapman whose human-conscious music inspired many, and Stevie Wonder the groove and melodic maestro who continue to set a standard for modern musicians.


Since moving to California, Mofya has embarked on a musical journey that brings together his influences in Africa, Europe, and now the USA to create a tasteful blend of music that often crosses genre boundaries but could be described as RnB/soul with deep African consciousness.


His releases  “Nimwe Kafwa”, “Hair on Fire/Umulilo” as well as an African cover version of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” are available on all major platforms. He is currently working on his first EP, which he describes as having the tastefulness of Daniel Caesar, combined with the power of Bon Iver lyrics. His EP will be released in early 2021

  • Location: San Fransisco CA
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