Kafayat Quadri

Kafayat Quadri is a poet (poetographer), singer-songwriter, music producer and a certified attorney. Her music and poetry have been performed on various stages and community spaces in Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda and India, some of which include, the Lagos International Jazz Festival 2009 & 2017, George Town Literary Festival, KAKISENI International Arts Festival, Generation-Y Music Festival, Anne Kansiime’s Fun Factory 2020, Queen of England Birthday Party 2019, Omawunmi’s Industry Night 2019, Midem Showcase 2019, Lake Garden Music Festival, Fun Factory, Ugandan National Theatre, Coffee & Fringe Art Festival, etc. Her two music albums, 'KQ (The EP)' & 'April 16' and audio poems “Aquarius’ can all be found on Apple Music, VEVO, iTunes, TIDAL and Spotify.  She is a member of Music Authors Copyright Protection, MACP, Malaysia, speaker & performer at TEDxKLwomen 2013, an alumnus of Sofar Bangalore, Sofar Bombay and Sofar Ahmedabad, a recipient of the WIEF Youth Fellowship, South Africa and a beneficiary of Artist Residencies with Penaga Hotel/Rimbun Dahan, Kim Haus & penangpac, Malaysia.  She is the founder of the PoetryDigest Magazine, the Music Farm and the co-founder of Poetriholics Lagos. Her most recent research interests are in preventive justice, peace, conflict management and how music can bring about sustainable justice and development

  • Location: Lagos
9 song(s) 100 Total Plays
  • 1 Encouragement (REMIX) Play Full Track 03:07
  • 2 Ode To Simple Things Play Full Track 03:48
  • 3 Irawo Okan 01:57
  • 4 Teleportation 05:29
  • 5 Farewell To Sadness 04:18
  • 6 Kindness is not hard to give 04:01
  • 7 Observations 04:06
  • 8 Chances Are We Are All Cousins 11:11
  • 9 Ominira 04:43