Bill Taylor

An indigene of Delta state Nigeria but raised in the suburban area of Benin city—Edo state (also Nigeria), Bill Taylor is a young, dedicated, and quite possibly, an overzealous artist who discovered his love for music right after he reconnoitred his undiluted passion for arts during his secondary school education. During the early stages of his career, he started a music group with some friends, it was called MFB - Money Flow Brand. Shortly after, he left in pursuit of his desired music career. Even though he misses their time together, breaking out was admittedly the next step forward.

“I've always deeply admired Soulja boy as a kid, his resilience and style is imitable. His songs grows on you.”

Growing up as a fan of Soulja boy Tell ‘Em, it's no surprise his initial stage name was Lil Tyler Tell ‘Em before he later decide his real name (Bill Taylor) was also a perfect and much more preferable fit. As his grew older, a promising career in the palm of his hands, his style of music evolved and got worthier by the hour.

“Although, I've managed to carve out my own niche, I've nothing but respect for Drake, Wizkid, Kendrick Lamar, Soulja Boy, Davido, 50-cent, etc. They inspired and still inspire me beyond mere words can express.”

His love for creating coupled with his adoration of music (hip hop), little wonder why his inspirations come from Drake, Wizkid, Kendrick Lamar, amongst many other prominent artists.

What started as a passion, turned into a determined mind; then later, his hit single Living The Life which he released at the young age of 16. Being his first song, it's huge success came as a surprise as did the massive positive feedbacks. The swift journey into his career made possible by his hard work went along even more swiftly as he featured underground artists (Micah, Jayce, Imex, J Chuks, Ice Gryn, Guvido, Tom Blaze), and producers (Odezi, E-Snare) on his other singles. Gucci and Prada, I Thank God, On Point, The Bottom, and Getting Money were also smashing hits that raved the airwaves. His 2017 hit single Money Show Down got even more satisfactory feedbacks. 

He's currently working on his latest track which is going to have a featured artist. It is set to release in the year 2018.

  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria.