Is Radio Still Relevant In Today's Music Business Planning And Promotion?

This question is very important, for the simple fact that times have changed and with it has everything else, including the music business terrain - the world over; I had to do a little more research to support my thoughts on this editorial piece. At TuneAfrique, we are very deliberate about our engagements with new and traditional media, while many people have eliminated the latter, we believe that a combination of both is the trick to a successful marketing plan, this is the basis upon which we have this new and exciting radio feature for all of you - The TuneAfrique Weekly Top 10 Countdown Show - and we will share more details as the days unfold, stay signed in and subscribed to our newsletters.

The most notable quality about radio is its ability to reach everyone without discrimination - unlike new media that requires the user to be educated and well-read in order to comprehend use and engagement, radio goes out to the learned and unlearned, rich and poor, urban and rural settler, schooled and unschooled, young and old, professional and amateur, to all races, ethnic group and every two extremes that life generally separates consumers into, this is why we call it the gateway to the mass media. It has the widest geographical reach and arguably the largest audiences compared with the Internet, television and newspapers. Music, as a tool of entertainment, communication and more is very much like radio, and intended for every category of consumer, it is therefore a no brainer that radio is possibly the best medium for all of our music, wouldn't you say?

New media everywhere, social media, online this and that, following very closely to the fact that radio is not classist, is the fact that radio does not "run out of data" or require it. The rural man can listen to radio on a device that uses battery power if they have no light, so they are reached via the transmitter communication right in the middle of their farmlands just like the one in the city who's cruising in their grand modern day automobile. It is interesting to see how even new media had to incorporate radio into its activity by creating accounts that fed the public about its activities, same for the online digital platforms who have incorporated radio and some TV as part of their services. Many say it is to give the radio medium some relevance, as a means to reinvention perhaps, but we can argue that the internet/social media is usually shut down to create control, as is the case with Nigeria and Twitter where radio stations are no longer even allowed to tweet at artistes as was common practice when their songs were played, but radio however has been allowed to remain operational as it meets desired regulations.

I am of the opinion that Radio is the first social media platform actually, because way before the Internet, this platform was fostering participation and engagement, and building community in people’s own homes and individual languages. We were able to have broadcasts of news events, and great participations from listeners, announcement of activities and general information and education of the people who listened to different types of programs. In social-distancing situations based on proximity, individuals engaged in meaningful community participation by calling into the radio station to have their say, while also listening to fellow community members. This is what evolved to the social media apps and online platforms that we engage today, without even eliminating its own traditional use, this is commendable isn't it?

In recognition of the role that radio plays in the delivery of our music far and beyond our imagined audience, TuneAfrique is engaging a network of stations, to feature the music distributed through our network in a rotational Top 10 countdown show that allows everyone to be heard. We roll out in Lagos Nigeria, and travel across country, and borrow from new media to get to the world through YouTube broadcasts and a podcast feature on MePlaylist streaming platform so we can serve TuneAfrique artistes from all across the planet. Look out for this, we could be coming to your town through your local radio network, and we are so excited.

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Hembadoon is a Singer, Songwriter and Artiste & Label Services Director for Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa with TuneAfrique Distribution. With the team, she is currently on a drive to get as many artists in the inner cities of Nigeria to take advantage of the DIY opportunity available on to monetize their music. Her music "Lady", "Hey Lover", cultural single "Kule Kule Hemba Ayem" are distributed through TuneAfrique and available on all digital music platforms. FB @hembabubba | IG @hembabubba | T @hembabubba


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