STOP! Before You Release That Song (READ THIS)

Planning to release a single and you are thinking you have got everything covered? Below are a few details we would like you to go over before you drop that hit song!

1. Your Song Must Be Clear, Mixed And Professionally Mastered.

This is 2019! No one would vibe to your song if it is poorly mastered. Back in the days, before digital, mastering was all about duplication (remember ALABA?). Today, digital recording is the standard, mastering has evolved into fine-tuning how your music sounds.

If you still doubt if your song is properly mastered. STOP! Get a professional to master your song.

2. Select a Future Release Date And Plan Towards it.

So if I asked you, as a fan, when is your song dropping and what plans do you have towards its release? What is your answer? If you are blank at this point, here is a list of things you need to start doing!
- Write down and document your launch plan. Just like any business venture, your plans have to be written and properly crafted.
- Digital marketing is your biggest tool! Start creating anticipation for that song. Release teasers, ask your fans to pre-save your song using a pre-save link on their favorite apps. (You can get one with TuneAfrique) 
- Start creating useful relationships. E.g Bloggers, O.A.Ps, Event Planners, MCs, Dj, Producers, and other people that could help create anticipation for your new song.
- Set a unique release date for your song. Publicise the release date across all media channels.

3. Get Playlist Pitches For Your Song.

Start submitting your song to global and local playlisters. Ideally, to increase the chances of your song getting playlisted on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, most playlisters would want your song submitted at least 21days before the release date of your song. Uploading your song on TuneAfrique allows you to seamlessly plan your release and playlist your song to as many DSPs as possible.

4. Ensure Your Song Is Distributed On All Platforms.

iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, MePlaylist, SoundCloud, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal...the list continues. You want your song to gain quick popularity and become the rave of the moment? You need to distribute your song on popular music platforms so fans can discover your song. TuneAfrique is the easiest and most efficient Do-It-Your-Self platform that helps thousands of artists like you, manage distribution and marketing of their songs on popular global streaming and download platforms. Sign up now to get started.

5. Create cool artwork, landing page and photos for your release.

Generate massive anticipation for your new release by creating cool artwork, landing page and photos for your new release. 
Make sure you share photos, videos, and artworks across different media channels.

6. Engage! Engage! Engage

Make it a goal to get at least 1million impressions for your release. Post regularly, invite friends to like, repost and share your pre-release as much as possible. Make a post on a trending topic, just make sure all your pages are active.

TuneAfrique offers thousand of Artists opportunities to distribute and monetize their music using various tools like Playlist pitching, blogging, Live performance, social media marketing, smart song links and MORE.

Best of luck with your music career!


By Evans | Commercial Director at TuneAfrique  

To learn more, contact

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